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Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask & Exfoliant



Kypris Deep Forest Clay Mask & Exfoliant    46 ml A Tryst with Nature... Forest, earth, and sea combine to detoxify, brighten, soften, smooth, exfoliate, and gently dissolve congestions. Deep Forest Clay detoxifies skin with Nature’s renewing treasures: cleansing clay, mineral-rich oceanic salt, soothing algae, botanical exfoliants, medicinal trees, roots, leaves, and flowers. 


Apply a generous dollop of Deep Forest Clay to a clean face and neck avoiding the eye area. For a daily exfoliation, allow to rest on skin for 1-2 minutes. For a detoxifying mask, leave on skin for up to 20 minutes, if sensitive up to 5 minutes. Massage as you rinse with a warm, damp facial mitt or wash cloth. Follow with a gentle cleanse. Stop use immediately if irritation occurs.FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.



* Smoothes & softens skin

* Chemically and physically exfoliates

* Brightens and Hydrates

* Challenges the appearance of blemishes old & new


Made for most skin types to use up to 3 times per week SIZE:46 mL


MONTMORILLONITEA simultaneously detoxifying, exfoliating, and hydrating mineral clay POTPOURRI OF MEDICINAL BOTANICALSThyme, Aspen, Vetiver, Chamomile, Fir, Butterfly Bush, and Hibiscus each impart their unique benefits SEA ALGAESoothing hydration to calm skin’s barrier OCEANIC SALTSProffer a wealth of 73 unique minerals to calm and soothe BOTANICAL ACIDSA gentle chemical exfoliation to complement physical exfoliationASIATICOSIDEThe active saponin of Centella asiatica gently dissolves superficial congestions & cares for connective tissues

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