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QYKSONIC Zoe Bliss Sonic Beauty Device - Blue

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Skin Care Tools
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Wrinkles & Fine Lines
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Large Pores

QYKSONIC Zoe Bliss - Blue

ZOE, the first and only 3-in-1 anti-aging Sonic Beauty Device that effectively Cleanses, Massages, and Applies your skincare products.

Choose your favorite color ZOE Bliss, and get the world’s first cleansing, massaging, and soothing product applying, anti-aging Sonic Beauty Device shipped in one eco-friendly box. 

The latest Sonic Beauty Device cleanses, massages, and applies skincare for optimum short and long-term results. With an innovative design and revolutionary T-Sonic® Technology, ZOE Bliss delivers 7500 micro-pulsations per minute to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, maximize skin care product penetration and absorption on a cellular level. This helps to reduce signs of aging and to reinvigorate the glow to your skin.

Think about this: whenever you apply your favorite serums, masks, and moisturizers to your face, most of your skincare products get absorbed into your fingers, and all the bacteria, dirt, and oils on your hands wind up on your face. Yikes. In addition, research now shows the amount of force you use can stretch and pull your face, and eventually damage your capillaries and break down your skin’s collagen. So Zoe’s antimicrobial silicone head smoothly applies your favorite beauty serums and moisturizers, and its press-and-roll massaging action allows all of your skincare products to be absorbed gentler, deeper, and cleaner.

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