Sanitas Skincare Colloidal Mineral Cocktail

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Vitamins & Supplements
Vitamin C

Sanitas Skincare Colloidal Mineral Cocktail 

Sanitas Colloidal Mineral Cocktail provides all the essential trace minerals your body needs for healthy and efficient biochemical reactions. Zinc and vitamin C help support your immune system and bone health while detoxifying your cells. Vitamin B12 promotes healthy circulation and neuro-function while increasing energy. 

Key Benefits:

  • Filled with essential trace minerals and vitamins
  • 2 spoonfuls a day promote internal and external health
  • Especially effective upon waking


How to Use

Take a cap full, 1-2 times per day on an empty stomach.



Sugars 3 G, Calcium 6 Mg, Zinc 5,000 Mcg, Vitamin C 60 Mg, Vitamin B12 28 Mcg, Iron 5,000 Mcg, Manganese 5,000 Mcg.

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