SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture

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Large Pores
Vitamin E

SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture   2oz.

Make this facial lotion a part of your oily skin regimen.

After cleansing, toning and applying treatments, your skin needs superior moisture that lasts. SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture is an all-purpose facial lotion that you can use twice a day as part of your regular skin care regimen. This lightweight, pore-minimizing moisturizer helps to hydrate and nourish skin without clogging pores. Ideal for normal and oily skin types, the healthy ingredients found in the non-greasy formula leave skin soft, smooth and balanced. If you suffer from acne, you can enjoy fewer breakouts and relief from the inflammation and redness that may accompany blemishes.

SkinCeuticals products promote skin health and longevity.

Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection and promotes healing and skin tissue repair. A blend of purifying botanical extracts work to restore moisture and minimize pores. Daily Moisture features a blend of burnet, cinnamon and ginger to reduce pore size by 8% in as little as 15 minutes. Like all SkinCeuticals products, Daily Moisture will not just improve the appearance of your skin, but it will also preserve and perpetuate its internal health. 

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